TRAINING EXPERTISE                                                                                                 


Ts Dr Balamuralithara Balakrishnan
HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Mr Cheah Chee Keong
HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Mr Chew Chun Yong
HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Ts Chin Yik Heng.jpg

Ts Chin Yik Heng
HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Ir Dr Chua Kein Huat
HRD Corp Accredited Trainer

Mr Chong Tun Pin 
HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Ir Dr Danny Ng Wee Kiat 
HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Ms Diong Fong Wei 
HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Ms Geetha Veerappan
HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Ts Dr Goh Hock Guan
HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Goh Yong Kheng

Dr Goh Yong Kheng
HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Ir Ts Dr Jeffrey Yap Boon Hui
HRD Corp  Accredited Trainer

Mr Kuang Kee Seng
HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Prof Ts Dr Lim Yang Mooi
HRD Corp Accredited Trainer

Ir Ts Dr Leong Kah Hon
HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Mr Looi Sing Yan
HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Dr Mohammad Falahat Nejadmahani 
HRD Corp Certified Trainer

  Dr Seah Choon Sen
HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Ts Sun Teik Heng 
HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Dr Tee Chee Wee  
HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Mr Teoh Shen Khang  
HRD Corp Accredited Trainer

Ir Dr Wong Jianhui.jpg

Ir Dr Wong Jianhui
  HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Mr Zachary Roland a/l A. F. Anthony 
  HRD Corp Certified Trainer

  Focus Areas

»  Adobe Illustrator
»  Actuarial / Financial Modelling 

»  Attitude Management

»  Automation

»  AZ-900T00: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

»  Branding

»  Chemical Safety

»  Cloud Computing

»  Communication Excellence

»  Communications and Engagement (Community        Engagement)

»  Confined Space Safety

»  Construction Engineering

»  Consumer Behavior

»  Corporate Social Performance

»  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

»  Creativity and Innovation

»  CSR Communication

»  Culture and Advertising

»  Customer Service Skills

»  Cyber Physical System Design

»  Dashboard Design and Development

»  Data Analytics

»  Data Analytics with Ms Excel

»  Deep Learning

»  Digital Transformation

»  E-Commerce

»  Electrical Building Services

»  Electrical Machines and Drives

»  Emergency Preparedness and Response

»  Energy Management

»  Energy Storage System

»  Event Planning and Management

»  Environmental Management System (ISO14001)

»  Financial and Estate Planning

»  Financial Communication

»  Financial Data Modelling

»  Financial Statement Analysis

»  Fire Protection and Suppression System

»  Fixed Income (Bond)

»  Full stack and low code web development with           Frappe

»  Fuzzy Control System

»  Green Technology

»  Industry 4.0

»  Internet of Intelligence Things

»  Internet of Things

»  Innovation Management

»  Investment Management

»  Islamic Financial Institution

»  Knowledge Management

»  Leadership & Communication Skills

»  Leadership Dynamics

»  Machine Learning

»  Market Research Survey

»  Mathematics and Statistics

»  Microservices

»  Occupational Safety & Health

    Management System (ISO45001)    

»  Organisational Development

»  Outcome-based Education

»  Personal Financial Planning and Management

»  Power Quality

»  Power Protection System

»  Power System Analysis

»  Predictive Modelling

»  Professional Biorisk Management

»  Project Management

»  Public Health (Cancer, Human Immunity, Diet and       Nutrition, Neurodegenerative Disorder)

»  Python Programming

»  Radiation Safety

»  Real Estate Studies

»  Research Supervision, Research Grant Writing

»  Risk Management

»  Robot Operation System (ROS) Development

»  Robotics

»  Schedule Wastes Management

»  Service-learning

»  Smart  Agriculture

»  Software Defined Networking

»  Social Media Strategies

»  STEM Education

»  Sun Zi's Art of War and Business Strategies

»  Sustainability Report & ESG

»  Talent Management

»  Teaching and Learning Skills through Gamification

»  Teaching Methodologies

»  Teaching & Learning Principles

»  Technopreneur/Social Entrepreneur Startup

»  Thinking Techniques

»  Treasury Management

»  Virtual Training Skills

»  Visualization

»  Workplace Communication Skills