Educational tourism or edutourism is an excellent opportunity for learning beyond the classroom while being immersed in a new culture and forging lasting relationships with future collaborators that can give you the competitive edge in your career down the road. In the international education sphere, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) delivers world-class educational and cultural exchanges together with tourism activities in iconic locations through our edutourism programmes that are carefully created and developed to provide a holistic education. Besides acquiring new knowledge and skills in stimulating classes, your horizons will be expanded through a variety of real-world experiences that include excursions to explore the unique culture and heritage of the Malaysian people.

Among the enriching edutourism experiences is the homestay programme that gives you the opportunity to learn the authentic culture and lifestyle in Malaysia. During this unique international experience, you will live in a welcoming home environment, and interact and experience the daily life of the local family to get an insight into Malaysian culture which cannot be found in any book. Unlike staying in the city, homestay offers the uniqueness of traditional songs, dances, cuisines and sports as well as rural economic activities that provide unforgettable learning experiences.

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English Immersion Programme

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Conversational Malay & Cultural Immersion Programme

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* Customised in-person, hybrid and virtual edutourism programmes are available.
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