CORPORATE & COMMUNITY TRAINING                                                  

Your Trusted Partner in Professional and Personal Development

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Corporate Training

 ›  Exclusive sessions for your business or organisation

 ›  Customs training solutions that grow your business by growing your people

Public & Community Training

 ›  Open to all individuals and organisations to attend

 ›  Opportunity to network with peers from different industries

 ›  Cost effective way to target training for a handful of individuals or employeees

Some of Our Focus Areas in Training

› 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) 
› Academic Research and Publishing 
 Business / Laws / Policies / Regulations with Local    Contexts 
 Communication Skills 
 Creativity and Innovation 
 Cultural Diversity 
› Custom Language Training 
› E-Commerce 
› Energy Management 
› Finance & Accounting 
 Global Leadership 
 Intercultural Communication 
 People Management 
 Project Management 
 Public Relations (PR) in Malaysia 
 Quality & Safety 
 Supply Chain 
 Tailored Executive / Management Training

At a Glance

› Upskilling & Reskilling
› Wide array of technical and non-technical training
› Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
› Trainers are subject matter experts and                      professionals with proven experience

Other Services

› Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Certification            Course
› Edutourism Programmes (Inbound) g 
› HSK iBT Test Centre
› Conference & Symposiums 
› Talks / Webinars / Seminars / Workshops
 UTAR CEO Talk Series 
› Event Management Services
› Malaysia Mental Literacy Movement (MMLM)
› Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Fair (KLESF)