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Looking to hold a conference, but don’t have the time to coordinate everything yourself?

CCCD will bring your event together in no time with industry connections and comprehensive in-house event expertise.


A conference is an event in which a number of people come together to discuss a particular subject, share ideas, experiences, or work. Conferences can last for one day or be held over several days, depending on the size and scope of the event. The purpose of a conference is to allow people with common interests to meet and share information. This can be done through presentations, discussions and networking.


CCCD will assist you in planning a full agenda of events that will be of interest to the attendees and also ensure that there is enough time for everyone to network and have a memorable experience.

Range of Services:


ü  Event Management
ü  Design & Visual Concepts
ü  Venue Management
Breakout Sessions
ü  Social Events
ü  F&B Arrangements
ü  Launching/Opening Ceremony
ü  AV System
ü  Photo Wall
ü  Multimedia
ü  Photography
ü  Videography
ü  Decoration
ü  Usher
ü  Professional Emcees
ü  Performances
ü  Entertainment
ü  Exhibition Booths
ü  Marquees/Canopy Tents 

Our Portfolio

The International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) is the flagship conference of the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS). It is aimed at providing a platform for sharing knowledge and experience on recent developments and advancements in geoscience and remote sensing technologies, particularly in the context of earth observation, disaster monitoring and risk assessment.


 A symposium is a formal assembly of specialists in various disciplines held in an academic context. In contrast to a conference, a symposium is smaller in size and is usually held over the course of just one day. Symposiums allow an exchange of thoughts and ideas between both presenters and attendees, focusing on one central topic which opens the door for more discussion. More conversations eventually lead to more learning for everyone!

CCCD will help you with your symposium goals and reach the expected outcome you want to accomplish. What matters most is that everyone has a great time and achieves something. What is essential is that we pay attention to how the event is described!



The difference between a seminar and a workshop is that a seminar tends to be held within one university or a group of people who come together to focus on a particular issue while workshops are more diverse in terms of attendees.

Seminars and workshops are a great place to test out some new ideas or theories. If you are working on a concept or an idea for an experiment but you want to hear some feedback on it before you develop it further, discuss this with CCCD and we will help you plan your event.

Concentrate on the precise topic for which you wish to hold your seminar or workshop. It is to your best advantage to select an issue that most of the audience will benefit from learning about. When advertising your seminar or workshop, CCCD will brainstorm with you to apply catchy language and visuals. We will develop a strategy for effective marketing to promote your seminar or workshop through various networks.

Range of Services:

ü  Event Management

ü  Design & Visual Concepts

ü  Venue Management

ü  Social Events

ü  F&B Arrangements

ü  Launching/Opening Ceremony

ü  AV System

ü  Photography

ü  Videography

ü  Decoration

ü  Entertainment