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In view of the current development of COVID-19 in Malaysia and overseas, and based on the general advisories of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, Malaysia and The World Health Organization (WHO), which has raised the global COVID-19 risk to its highest level, MMLM has decided to postpone the Mind Competitions which is originally scheduled on 11 April 2020. 

MMLM has made this decision after much serious deliberation and has taken into consideration the implications on the safety and health of students, teachers, staff, parents and members of the public. 

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and we seek your kind understanding on this matter. 

MMLM will continue to monitor the situation and the date for the postponed Mind Competitions will be announced in advance to all. 

For further enquiries, kindly contact the following: Ms Shezar / Mr Kaarthic at 016-223 3563.