ACCA Preparatory Course in UTAR

A Professional Qualification Preparatory Programme to prepare you for your ACCA examination. This programme is offered to qualified candidates who have completed or are granted exemption from ACCA Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills Exam.

Subjects Offered

Strategic Professional Papers (Essential)

Strategic Professional Papers (Options)

How to Start Your ACCA Journey with UTAR?

Step 1 - Register with ACCA!

(A) Public / UTAR alumni:

Register with ACCA as ACCA student and apply for exemptions via ACCA online registration You may use the ACCA Exemption Calculator to check for your exemptions.

(B) UTAR students:

You may apply for ACCA Accelerate Programme.

ACCA Accelerate Programme for Students

Who can apply?

  • Students from Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) - Year 3 onwards
  • Students from Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting - Year 2 onwards


  • Lower initial registration fee
  • Free annual subscription fee upon graduation, including graduation year
  • Deferred exemption fee payment (up to 12 months after graduation
How to apply?

Prepare the following items:
  • Copy of IC (softcopy)
  • Accelerate Letter - UTAR students to request the letter at FAM / FBF FGO (softcopy)

Credit / debit card that is activated for foreign currency transactions (for student graduating from 2020 onwards)

 ›   Click here for registration

 ›   Click here to download the step by step guideline

Step 2 - Register with UTAR!

 ›  Sungai Long Campus

January 2022 Intake (Weekend)

July 2022 Intake (Weekend)
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January 2022 Intake (Weekday)

June 2022 Intake (Weekday)

ACCA Scholarship


  • Citizen of Malaysia.
  • Obtained admission to UTAR Bachelor of Accounting (Honours) or Bachelor of Commerce Accounting (Honours).                » Existing students                                                                                                                                                                          » Graduating students (within one year from the date of completion of study)
  • Good personality and leadership qualities.
  • Good extra-curricular activities.
  • Students from families with lower income will be given preference.
  • Must be enrolled in the UTAR ACCA Preparatory Course for the respective intakes and have taken and passed the ACCA Professional Examination.
 ›   Application form will be emailed to students who have enrolled in the ACCA Preparatory Course conducted by UTAR Centre for    Corporate and Community Development (CCCD) and passed the ACCA exam. Only five students will be offered RM1,000 scholarships per intake.

UTAR Student Loans (maximum of RM10,000 per annum)


  • Citizen of Malaysia.
  • Applicant must be currently enrolled in full-time undergraduate programme at UTAR.
  • Applicant is not on leave of absence/suspension.
  • Applicant from needy family (B40) only.
 ›   For more details, please contact Department of Scholarships and Financial Aid
      UTAR Sungai Long: 05-90860288 ext.380
      UTAR Kampar: 05-4688888 ext. 2575


Online Weekday - March 2022
Online Weekday - June 2022
› Online Weekend - July 2022

Ng Wen Zi 
Strategic Business Leader (SBL)

I would like to express my gratitude towards UTAR ACCA lecturers as they really put in a lot of effort in teaching and guiding us on how to study and prepare for the ACCA examination. The syllabus was well-covered and the lecturers would give comments on the weaknesses that we needed to improve when answering the questions. The point forms teaching method and exam techniques given by the lecturers were very useful. Moreover, I also appreciate that UTAR provides the ACCA scholarship to assist me in continuing my ACCA journey. Apart from reducing my parents' financial burden by paying for the exams and tuition fees, the scholarship also gives me confidence and makes me feel that I deserve to succeed for the efforts that I have put in. This scholarship not only gives proof to my abilities but also motivates me towards pursuing my future ACCA careers.  

Lai Wei Kei 
Strategic Business Leader (SBL)

Thank you UTAR for providing the ACCA course that is highly subsidised and exam focused. This really helped my journey in passing SBL in the first attempt! I felt blessed when I was notified that I had been awarded the UTAR-ACCA scholarship. A million thanks to UTAR for supporting my journey of becoming a chartered professional. This not only relieved my financial burden but also gave me an opportunity to access high-quality courses. Looking forward to other ACCA courses from UTAR to join in the future.

Ngu Zhi Hong
Advanced Audit & Assurance (AAA)

UTAR ACCA Class had assisted me well in preparing ACCA paper because all the lecturers are professional and helpful. Furthermore, as UTAR student, it is also very convenient to register the course through CCCD and eligible for discount in the fees. The class are so beneficial for me as it is recorded online class. This is because when I had my intern last year and cannot attend when busy, I still managed to do revision based on the recorded video. In the other hand, the ACCA scholarship can help me in reducing my parents' financial burden on my study. Really appreciate UTAR had been organising ACCA preparatory courses and giving scholarship for students needed.

Have a question that needs to be answered?

Mr Kingsley Yean                           05-4688888 (ext.2568) /

016-261 8830        yeancc@utar.edu.my