UTAR Upskilling Training Programme

The UTAR ‘Upskilling Training Programme’ is an initiative to help graduating students from UTAR and other institutions of higher learning, as well as UTAR alumni, to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise to enhance their employability. It is also to provide them with the targeted training to fulfill the specific requirements of their job positions.

Programme Structure

Course with Certificate of Completion  
  • It is a training course that could increase the prospects of career opportunities and professional development.
  • Assessment is not required before the certificate is issued.
Preparatory Course for Certification Exam
  • It is an educational course, tutoring service, educational material or a learning tool designed to improve students’ performance on standardised exams. It focuses on the strategies and specific skills needed to pass the exam
  • Upon completion of the course, students have to take and pass the exam to earn a certificate credential awarded by a specific credentialing organisation.
  • Exam registration and payment of exam fee are to be self-managed and borne by the students.

List of Courses (Non-Professional Certification)

Accounting and Finance                                             

  • AutoCount Computerized Accounting Software (coming soon)

Business and Entrepreneurship

Cyber Security                                                              

  • The Importance of Cyber Security for Industrial 4.0 (coming soon)

Computer Science

Data Science                                                               

  • Statistical Analysis with R Commander (coming soon)
  • Visual Analytics with Tableau (coming soon)
  • Data Analytics using MS Excel (coming soon)
  • Data Mining with RapidMiner for Beginners (coming soon)
  • Python Programming for Data Analytics (coming soon)
  • Corporate Big Data Workshop for Executives (coming soon)

Energy Management    

Industry 4.0                                                                   

Project Management   


List of Courses (Professional Certification) - Coming soon

Business and Management                                   

  • TRIZ Level-1 Practitioner Certificate (coming soon)
  • TRIZ Level-2 Practitioner Certificate (coming soon)

Cyber Security   

* The above courses are subject to change.

For details, please contact Mr. Faizul 
Email: faizula@utar.edu.my 
Tel: 05-468 888 ext: 2550 Mobile: 014-7599500